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Elfie is the world #1 free hypertension management app that rewards patients for taking care of their hypertension.

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Free application reviewed by doctors and patients

All the features have been designed by doctors, behavioral scientists, and patients to help you remain engage and supported in your journey.

Self-monitoring plan

Get your personal monitoring plan

Elfie creates a personalized plan that takes into account your profile and conditions. The plan will adjust automatically as your health changes.

Blood pressure monitoring plan
Medication treatment plan
Steps plan
Weight plan
Screenshot the personalized self-monitoring plan from the Elfie App
Screenshot of a BP chart from the Elfie application
Blood pressure

Record & analyze your vitals

Elfie helps you record and analyze your BP and send you alerts if a doctor visit is needed based on official guidelines.

Add your BP measurements manually
Alert and feedback based on official guidelines
Endorsed by the National Societies of Cardiology
Data is stored and secured on certified servers
Digital pillbox

Pills intake and refill reminder

Never forget your pills again! Create automatic reminders for your pills intakes and refill in 3 simple steps.

Select your drugs
and dosage
Set your intake time
Add your current stock
registered drugs available
Health dashboard

Give your doctor the right data

The health report gives a snapshot of your health and adherence to the medication. This is important for your doctor to assess and adjust your treatment.

Blood pressure
Treatment adherence
Activity level
Adherence score

Elfie adherence score™

The adherence score measures how well you follow your health monitoring plan. It is calculated using 4 factors:

Treatment adherence
Blood pressure monitoring adherence
Steps plan adherence
Weight plan adherence
Screenshot of the Adherence chart from the Elfie application
Pop-up image showing the adherence by medication
Screenshot of the Reward page of the Elfie application
Coins and rewards

It pays to get better

You earn Elfie coins for every step / drug / measurement you take. With these coins, you can get exciting rewards.

Free products & services
Gift cards
Exclusive discounts
Fortune wheel
Family support

Get help from your family

With “family support”, your family can follow and get reminder when you forget your pills or need help to go to the pharmacy.

Refill / intake reminders
Inventory tracker
Support or get support
Screenshot of the Family Support page inside the Elfie app
Screenshot of the Chatbot page of the Elfie application
Digital coach

Ask Emma your questions, 24/7

Emma, our digital AI will be your coach. She will help you achieve your personal health goals and respond to all your questions about hypertension. When it matters, she will also remind you to get in touch with your doctor.

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