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We fight chronic diseases by rewarding you for self-monitoring



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Recommended by 1,000s of doctors and cardiologists across the world
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Control chronic diseases

Hypertension, obesity, diabetes, chronic stress, diabetes, dyslipidemia affect 3+ billion adults. They are the #1 cause of death in the world. We want to change that!


How Elfie works

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Get your monitoring plan

Complete your health profile to get a personal monitoring plan that was reviewed by cardiologists.

Track your vitals and medication

You earn Elfie coins for each drug, BP reading, and step you take.

Reward yourself

Use your coins to claim amazing prizes, make donations or get discount with cool brands.

Health gamification

Elfie coins & rewards

Everyday, Elfie users earns coins for measuring their vitals, taking their medication, and for walking.

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Our latest rewards

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Recommended by 1,000s of doctors and nurses

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Reviews and ratings

See what people are saying about Elfie

“Good app for me and also my family”

I have been using Elfie to track the medication intake and Blood pressure measures of my mother, it's so helpful!

Avatar of Nguyen
Nguyen L.
Vietnam user
5-star rating

“Rewards motivate me to be healthy.”

The app reminds me to take my medicine, not only that, but I also get bonus points to exchange for vouchers 😍.

Emilie C.
Brazil user
5-star rating

“I recommend it to my patients ”

I have been trying to keep patients adherent for probably all my career. I found in Elfie the best of a medical app combined with behavioral incentives.

Erica C.
5-star rating

“Public hospitals need apps like Elfie”

Finding a free app like Elfie that rewards patients to self-monitor it is a game changer as we need to engage our patients once they leave the hospital

Avatar of Professor Quan
Dr. Quan
Hospital Head
5-star rating

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