Digital he@lth

Mobile health applications have now proven their impact on blood pressure control.


A revolution in healthcare

From mobile medical apps and software that support the clinical decisions doctors make every day, to artificial intelligence and machine learning - digital health tools hold immense potential. They promise to enhance our ability to accurately diagnose and treat diseases while optimizing healthcare delivery for individuals.

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Digital health works

We had to wait a few years for medical researchers to collect a sufficient amount of data to measure the impact. We now have several studies demonstrating the health impact of mobile applications and self-monitoring on chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer and more...

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The mobile health companies that inspire us


USA (2008)

Livongo provides a data science and technology-enabled platform for the detection of diabetes.

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Big Health

USA (2010)

Big Health is a digital therapeutics company that offers behavioral programs for mental health issues.

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Lark Health

USA (2011)

Lark provides virtual care through AI coaching, smart devices, and tele-monitoring.

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Austria (2012)

mySugr is a digital health company that strives to “make diabetes suck less”.

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USA (2012)

Medisafe helps people manage their medications while providing insight into their daily habits.

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Hello Heart

USA (2013)

Hello Heart helps people understand and improve their heart health using technology.

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Pear T.

USA (2013)

Pear Therapeutics is a software-based platform designed to enhance the efficacy of pharmaceuticals.

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Iceland (2014)

Sidekick is a patient-centric digital care platform that is scalable across a wide range of chronic illnesses.

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Liva H.

Denmark (2014)

Liva Healthcare provides a digital coaching platform for disease management & patient engagement.

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Better T.

USA (2015)

Better Therapeutics develops prescription software for treating cardiometabolic diseases.

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France (2021)

Resilience Care is building a software-based solution for cancer treatment providers and patients.

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The importance of gamification

Chronic diseases are lifestyle diseases i.e. mainly driven by our behaviours. To drive changes, researchers and developers have tapped into cognitive sciences and gaming tactics to generate engagement and nudge actions. The best summary of these techniques has been published and coined "the Wheel of Sukr".

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A path to reimbursement

Digital therapeutics (DTx) deliver medical interventions directly to patients using evidence-based, clinically evaluated software to treat, manage, and prevent a broad spectrum of diseases and disorders.

As of today, 9 countries provide a legal framework to certify a DTx. Among them, the US, Germany and the UK offer a reimbursement from the public health system.

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