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Endorsed by doctors, loved by users.

All the features have been designed by doctors, behavioral scientists, and patients to help you remain engaged and supported in your journey.


Prevention and care

Elfie is relevant to all employees, regardless of age or conditions.

General health
Stress and weight management
Smoking cessation
Chronic diseases

Measure vitals with your camera

Elfie brings the most tested technology to you.

Cardiovascular risk assessment
Stress measurement
Heart rate measurement
Diabetes risk assessment

Proactive support

Most people abandon their treatment within a year of their first diagnostis. Elfie AI identifies the users at risk and proactively reengages them.


Company challenges & benefits

Give your employees extra motivation by rewarding them for reaching company-wide health objectives.


Successful launch

To support the roll-out of ElfieWorks in your organization, we work closely with your teams:

Account team with the right KPIs
Integration to occupational medicine
Integration to HR processes
Escalation to existing telemedicine


Learn how to improve employees' health and reduce payer's burden.


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