We are Elfie*

When a strong team dedicates itself to tackle one of the biggest healthcare challenge of our generation, great things happen...

Elfie first office in Vietnam

”It is not acceptable that most people die of a disease that we perfectly know how to treat.”

Ofir Ejnes
CEO & Founder

The ambition behind the mission.

We want to help people take control of their health through self-monitoring.

Self monitoring is at the core of preventive health and we want to make it fun and accessible to as many people as possible.

Regulators across the world have started to recognize the value of Digital therapeutics (DTx). They are now providing the frameworks to operate and the barriers to entry for those who pass the hurdle.

So call us crazy, but we want to be the #1 chronic disease management platform recommended by doctors, nurses, and hospitals across the world.

The story of Elfie since the beginning



From the very first day, we created Elfie as digital health companion: an “Elf” that helps you be “(h)ealthy”.


First hire

Our first recruit as our lead UX designer as we needed to deeply emphasize to currently patient journeys.


First line of code

We resisted until we confirmed client traction and secure a market access advantage before letting our engineering team code. Tough!


First round

We manage to raise Venture Capital funding a few weeks before launch. We got blessed to meet the right people


Private release

In four months, our engineering team released a real V1 with all the features fully working.


Vietnam launch

Elfie started being distributed in public and private hospitals thanks to our partnership with a pharmaceutical company.


Brazil launch

A few days later, we launched nationwide in Brazil and quickly got endorsed by the National Cardiology Society.


First 5,000 users

In 8 weeks, we onboarded and retained our first 5,000 weekly active users. Well, it was quite a year!

The values & mantra that drive everything we do

“Values are what you do when no one is watching.”
We wrote the values we strive for to help candidates understand the traits we recruit and foster among our teams.

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Think big

Your ambition is the only true limit.

Take ownership

Find the solutions, not the problem.

Patient first

Anything hindering patient's engagement is wrong.

Develop others

Be the mentor you want others to be for you.


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