How do I activate ElfieWorks features?

ElfieWorks features are made available by your employer to all employees and their relatives.

To activate ElfieWorks features, simply follow the following steps:

For first time users:

1. Create an Elfie account by downloading the Elfie app on your personal mobile phone.

2. Register into the Elfie App with your Apple / Google account, or other email accounts  

3. Choose the App version – Tap on “ElfieWorks” > Enter your work email to activate ElfieWorks > receive a verification code through your work email.

4. You're all set, follow the guided steps to make your own health plan and welcome aboard!

Existing Elfie app users:

1. Go to settings

2. Click on Versions

3. Select "ElfieWorks"

4. Add your work email

5. Go to your work email inbox to retrieve a 4-digit code (One time Password - OTP)

6. Input the 4-digit code (OTP)

7. Enjoy the unlocked features!